Roger Tee Taylor Sr.

Rap artist

Born on February 26, 1983 in Columbus, Ohio, Hellagreeno was always musically inclined. He began writing songs at the age of 12. In 2012 after endless dead end jobs and his passion for music still there, Hellagreeno began taking steps towards his music career. With a Wife fighting Cancer (Leomysarcoma) in 2013 and having 4 kids, he knew it was "Go Hard or Go Home" time. In 2014 he landed a Distribution Deal with Indie Music Factory. Months later he signed a Management Deal with Angela Culliver /TruVision Management. Through IMF he released two singles "Man In The Mirror" and "Welcome To The Streets". In 2015 He released his first Mixtape "Calm Before The Storm", and also started Cloudy Rhymes Entertainment LLC. In 2015 Hellagreeno also linked up with a like-minded Kentucky Rapper named GBTwoGood. They merged their name and released a Mixtape called " GreenoTwoGood Vol. 1" in 2016. Also in 2016, Hellagreeno released a EP called Cloudy Chronicles on Datpiff, Audiomack and GetRightMusic. The Group released GreenoTwoGood Volume 2 the Summer of 2016 and followed up with Volume 3 January of 2017. in 2018, GreenoTwoGood released their last installment of their Self-Titled GreenoTwoGood series. In the first quarter of 2018 , Hellagreeno followed up with CC2: The Smokers Revenge. Mid 2018 Hellagreeno released two more studio Mixtapes One & Done, and Real Life. In 2019, he released a mixtape called "Make America Green Again" aka (M.A.G.A) and also decided to dissolve Cloudy Rhymes Entertainment due to a new business venture. Fast forward to 2020, he is currently working on his Debut Album "Mr.Relentless" with newly released singles "Earned Stripes" and "Life Lessons Ft. Rich Regal". After numerous shows and Mixtapes, the possibilities are endless for Hellagreeno.


Artist & Producer

Peace I’m Demo Jay. I am a jack of all trades growing in the 518. My mojor is Lyricism. Looking to get my degree as a Master of Ceremonies! I minor in Producing and Management! I have a record company named D’Lux Records with several signed artists in different genres. My goal in life is to make the Cannabis Dream a lifestyle that will get the human population back on track! Here are the links to my music and how you can find me! From there you will be able to find all other work I’ve done by just searching my name.


Treasure Smith

Rap Artist

T Shaw was born on September 18, 1998 in the Bronx, New York. He was raised in the residential neighborhood of Highbridge. He moved to Albany in the summer of 2012 where he attended both Green Tech High School and Albany High School in Albany NY. He began rapping at a young age but debut his first song “Bust Down” which was considered a HIT among his peers. His most recent release is a song named “CRAZY” followed by the official music video on YouTube.


Terrell Moore

Rap artist

Recognized for its aggressive and raw style, the Philadelphia rap scene finds itself with a new act ready for success - Terrell Moore aka Rell Geez. With his first mixtape in the books, The Freshman, and numerous successful performances, Rell Geez is an artist to look out for.


Domonique Smith


Sassy Savage is a force to be reckoned with. The woman behind the moniker "Sassy Savage" was born Domonique Lashae Smith on January 2nd 1988, in Jackson, Mississippi. She is the daughter of Brenda Bass and Michelangelo Smith. She came from a musically inclined family--both her parents & grandfather were artists, which would later influence her rhyming style and life philosophy. Her first published work came when she was in the third grade at Seminole Elementary of Florida, while living with a relative. Sassy soon realized she she had a special skill-set when it came to writing, and quickly began to write rhymes for numerous other artists, including her father.


Recording artist Sassy Savage aims to be one of the most influential rap artists of her time. She made her break into the hip-hop culture with her 2019 single entitled “Berserk”. Soon after, she found herself making waves in the hip-hop music scene. The Mississippi native has continued to rise capturing the attention of numerous fans around the globe. Her cadence, unique sound, & personality are among the slew of reasons as to why she is becoming a popular artist within the hip hop & rap culture.


In 2019, independent artist, Sassy Savage, joined forces with DJ Team Broke 100, Andre Lenoir, of Behind The City Lines who announced a joint distribution deal with That Rabbit/Sony Orchard leading to her rise to stardom. Sassy’s success has begun to catapult, but she remains humble in her willingness to stay true to her creativity, truth, & simply the essence of who she is as an artist.


Contact: Andre Lenoir at 901-661-3603

Y'man Dog

Baran Bevans


Baran Eugene Bevans (born April 26, 1980), known professionally as Y’man Dog, is an American rapper and songwriter.

In light of his dad’s passion for astrology he was named Baran after Aldebaran the brightest star in the constellation Taurus.
As the Eye of the Bull, Aldebaran is called the Eye of Revelation. It is referred to by astronomers and cosmologists as the Eastern Royal Star, one of the four Royal Stars considered the sentinels watching over other stars. It is also known as the Buddha’s star, the Star of Illumination, and God’s Eye

Born in Oxon Hill, Maryland, Y’man Dog was raised in Forest Heights; a neighborhood where he has evolved as a N.U. breed of entertainer.
Throughout his adolescence Y’man Dog matured through growing pangs of a broken home and fascination of the street life while developing a passion for music. While admiring the works of artist like
Earth, Wind, & Fire, Quincey Jones, Stevie Wonder, Micheal Jackson, and Jodeci to Eric B & Rakim, Kool Moe D, 2Live Crew, N.W.A., Wu-Tang, D.M.X., 2Pac, Redman, Jay-Z, Nas, AZ, Geto Boys, Spice 1, Too $hort, Mc Eiht, Bone Thugs, Master P., Three6 Mafia, and Hotboyz he developed a passion for articulating his own life & style.

Y’man Dog modestly aspires to improve way of living for his family and team through politicking & networking linked with hard work & diligence.
Profoundly, Y’man Dog happens to be passionate about leadership; Endeavoring prosperity within his own humanitarian goals/efforts.



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Media Contact:

Company Name: Y’man Dog 
Contact Person: Baran Bevans 
Email: Send Email 
Phone: 202-971-0671 
Country: United States 


EASLYN is a sisterhood. RYE and XI, Brooklyn Breed & GA Peach, 
are taking over the music industry all 2020.

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Infamous Ty

Ty Lythcott

Hip Hop Artist

Representing the notorious Brooklyn neighborhood of East Flatbush, Infamous Ty as he is known musically is an aspiring creator in the Hip Hop genre of the music industry. With 7 released projects to his credit, Ty looks to make 2020 his biggest year as he continues to grow in his branding applying the gems absorbed along the way. Influenced by the likes of Biggie, Cassidy, Tupac, Fabolous, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, and Jay Z. Infamous Ty recounts falling in love with the culture as early as 10 years old. Looking to build to longevity, and present his artistry on a wide scale, Ty has practiced consistency and identification of a sound which his supporters can expect from him going forward. An avid networker, Infamous Ty is a mainstay on the scene approaching his grind with the age-old "shaking hands, kissing babies" tactic. Highlighted by popular media entities such as Street Khemistry, US 1 Magazine, Artists Spotlight, to name a few his efforts have been supplemented by radio support from Gud Tymes Radio and WVMR.

With a performing resume which includes Blackthorn 51, Brooklyn Nights, Club Redmen (Shamokin P.A) Cafe Sole (New Jersey), The Delancy, West End Lounge, Bar 580, 5 Spot, Tavern Lounge, Club Meridian, it is no secret that Infamous Ty is no stranger to the groundwork necessary to make him a household name. Thankful for every opportunity, Ty is a favorite amongst purists as he is very engaging and takes his time to build a personal rapport and extend his gratitude to individuals.

Ja'Pan Nation

recording artist

Ja'Pan Nation embodies the definition of sound. His vocals are dynamic, He disrupts equilibrium's, His style is renowned. Ja'Pan Nation is refreshing, a collage of versatility. Composing tones of dance and choreography while conquering all haters, Ja'Pan Nation represents adversity, Re- defining your average perception of rhythm and movements with each technique.

To understand the existentialism of his craft, one must understand the barriers of his past. 25 years of dedication, determination and endurance have prepared him for this level. A product of Texas, Ja'Pan Nation is determined to sleep with success.

Aware of his talent at a young age, Ja'Pan sacrificed to become the epitome of entertainment. Rehearsing, studying, researching, and practicing to become nothing less than iconic. Endless competitions and accolades he attributes to his dominance.

Artists before him such as Janet Jackson, who he considers to be the most influential artist of his time, paved the way. She is innovative and unique; these are characteristics Ja'Pan replicates in his own realm of performance.

Threads of retro, urban, vintage, and couture, Ja'Pan pops tags of originality, this fabric is authentic which no market can ignore. Fashion, Ja'Pan illustrates diversity. He intertwines graphics, his style expresses all artistry.

Ja'Pan Nation a trailblazer, thrives off taking risk. Whatever you’ve seen before, you have no idea what you’ve missed. Ja'Pan appreciates all those before him; however he is his own muse. Ja'Pan pays homage to many, but this is his destiny and he refuses to lose!

Ja'Pan enlightens cultures with his different variations of creativity. The force behind his movement is God; He gives all praise and recognition to the Lord. He ordered his steps, and he enforced them. get ready you’ve just been introduced to the humble beginnings of a star!!

Contact MGMT: Richard "Uncle Suade" Towers
Phone: 347.366.6106

Da Grenchie